Kane & Abel - Am I My Brothers Keepwer (1998)

01.Time After Time Ft. Master P [04:12]
02.This Is For The Smokers [02:27]
03.Tryin 2 Have Sumthin Ft. Master P And Fiend [04:18]
04.Soldier Story [04:57]
05.Throw Them Thangs Ft. Magic [03:16]
06.Out Of Town B’s Ft. Snoop Dogg [03:52]
07.Ghetto Day [02:59]
08.Stress [03:57]
09.We Don’t Care [02:27]
10.The Game [03:48]
11.Watch Me Ft. Silkk And Mystikal [04:09]
12.Only God Knows [02:48]
13.Call Me When You Need Some Ft. Silkk And Master P [03:09]
14.No Limit Nigga’s Ft. C-Murder And Fiend [03:25]
15.Bout That Combat Ft. Soulja Slim And Full Blooded [03:14]
16.No Turnin Back [03:41]
17.Betta Kill Me [03:44]
18.My Hood To Yo Hood [02:49]
19.I Am My Brother’s Keeper [01:14]
20.Gangstafied Forever Ft. Silkk The Shocker [03:33]
21.Let’s Go Get Em Ft. Fiend And Soulja Slim [03:13]
22.Green, Cornbread & Cabbage Ft. Prime Suspects [05:38]
23.I Ain’t Runnin Ft. C-Murder [02:27]

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