Lil Witness - Witness The Underground (2008)

1.intro Ft. lauderdale 
2.out that rouge 
3.fuck one time - da crunkadelics
4.freestyle - jayroc
5.lonely - down bad
7.rolling through - pit boyz
8.hate on me - miko f/ d-trick & kiser
9.let'em know 
10.never scared - so of sam
11.b-tweezy flow - one-i
12.thug deep - p3x f/ lil' d.v.s.
13.what i do sunshine - south coast coalition
15.don't move - yung mil f/ jphat
16.tilt ya hat - g-dinero f/ pastor troy & tomeka to there 
18.the realest - dirty bird f/ m.l.b.
19.n.o. be my residence - black vynm
20.ride big - t-bo f/ max minelli
21.gon' get ya hustle on - zippa f/ dopey
22.macktown - da crunkadelics
23.twisted up - the fam

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