Lil Witness, Jayroc, One-I, 50 Shots & T-Bo - The Payback (2008)

1.DJ Scrap Intro
2.One-i Speaks
3.Money In The Bank Remix
4.Shake Back Feat. Sire slim
5.Flex Speaks 
6.Take A Ezzy
7.One-i Speaks
8.Up On The North
9.Diamond Speaks
10.Go Dumb
11.Push It
12.Grew Up A Screw Up
13.Its Going Down
14.Jayroc Speaks
15.The Payback
16.Off Top
17.Fresh Prince Blakk Remix
18.I Dont Know
19.Thug Speaks
21.Ride For The Team
22.Info On Tracks
23.My City
24.Dick Rider

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