Mac - Shell Shocked (1998)

01.Boss Bitch Ft. Mia X [03:09]
02.Be All You Can Be Ft. Silkk and Fiend [04:44]
03.Soldier Party Ft. Master P [03:22]
04.Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill Ft. Mystikal [02:27]
05.Tank Dogs Ft. C-Murder and Fiend [03:55]
06.Slow Ya Roll Ft. O Dell [04:06]
07.We Dont Love Em [03:11]
08.Woof Ft. Snoop Dogg Mia X and Big Ed [03:44]
09.Can I Ball Ft. Soulja Slim [03:25]
10.Money Gets it Ft. Master P [03:09]
11.The Game [02:58]
12.Callin Me [04:19]
13.Memories Ft. C-Murder [03:25]
14.Meet Me at the Hotel Ft. Mr. Serv-On and Magic [04:15]
15.Shell Shocked Ft. Fiend [02:57]
16.Paranoid Ft. Silkk the Shocker [03:45]
17.Nobody Make A Sound Ft. Magic and Fiend [02:33]
18.Beef [03:18]
19.Camouflage Love Ft. Storm [03:27]
20.Empire [02:55]
21.My Brother [03:22]
22.Shell Shocked (Outro) [00:34]

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