Krazy - Breather Life (2001)

1. Intro
2. What Y'all Want [ft. Snoop Dogg]  
3. Get Bucked [ft. Slay Sean]  
4. My Dog [ft. Lyric]  
5. In Tha sky  
6. I Luv My Project [ft. Master P] 
7. Tell Me [ft. D.I.G.]  
8. For Sure [ft. Short Circuit]  
9. Thugged Out [ft. Soulja Slim]  
10. I Got [ft. Erica Fox]
11. Downtown  
12. Black Eyez [ft. Ed West]  
13. I Know  
14. In The Club [ft. Soulja Slim]  
15. I Still [ft. C-Murder]  
16. When I Make It Home [ft. Dolliollie of Getto Commission]
17. The Truth
18. War [ft. Afficial & Ke'Noe]

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