Ms. Tee – Don’t Get Mad Get Even (2001)

1. Intro feat 5 Ward Weebie
2. Don't Hate Me
3. I Think It's About Time feat 5th Ward Weebie
4. Fuck Them Other Hoes feat 5th Ward Weebie
5. Look At Her feat 5th Ward Weebie
6. Ms. Tee Radio feat Bayou Boy
7. Momma's Baby
8. Come Into My Bedroom
9. Hebbie Gebbies
10. Sophisticated Lady
11. Make A Million
12. Dope Alley
13. Slow Down Lil Wodie
14. Ms. Tee Radio II feat Lil Slim
15. Don't Get Mad, Get Even
16. It's Time To Get Rich
17. Should Have Been Down With Me feat Mia X
18. Murderer feat Ghetto Twinz & Kango

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