Mouse On Tha Track - Swagga Fresh Freddy (2009)

01. Turn The Beat Up
02. Rubbin On My Head Remix (ft. Lil Trill, Lil Boosie & Lil Chrissa)
03. I Got Wings (ft. Lil Trill)
04. My Bounce (ft. Louisiana Ca$h & Lil Chrissa)
05. Go For What You Know (ft. Foxx & Dorrough)
06. Mouse On Tha Track Speaks
07. Get Off My Nuts (ft. Lil Cali)
08. Nasty (ft. Novakane & Kevin Gates)
09. Don’t Hurt Em
10. Work Dat Luba (ft. Lil Chrissa, Ms. Pac & Lil Doom)
11. Whippin N Flippin (ft. The Strangers OJ Da Juiceman)
12. Cloud 9 Remix (ft. Lil Boosie Big Poppa)
13. Spread My Wings (ft Box X-Fyle)
14. High Definition (ft. Lil Cali)
15. Bust A Bottle Open (ft. Lil Cali)
16. That Aint Yo Hoe (ft. Young Ready)
17. On Me (ft. Thug Bothers)
18. Stupid Dumb and Retarted (ft. Big Head)

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